To figure out who we really are,
We have to be like a set of Russian nesting dolls.
We open up one layer at a time.
We examine what is there, and then,
We question it:

Are we surprised by what we find?

Do we like it?

Does it really belong to us or
was it formed from the beliefs and behaviors of someone else?

Can we forgive it and let it go?

After lovingly but honestly cracking open layer after layer,
We rediscover who we are at our Core.
When we can do that, we finally live the lives we are meant to.

In the Spirit of Self-Discovery,
Please join me for the workshop series
Who the Hell Am I…Honestly?®

Through journaling, we work through a series of questions that build on each other and then we have the opportunity to share our answers and insights in a discussion that is both uncensored and dynamic. 

What we learn about ourselves during these workshops becomes the tools we can use to navigate our lives with more honesty and a truer sense of
our purpose and who we are.

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